We would like to thank Philip for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions.

Philip 20081. You stated previously that the Shakespearean part you would like to have the opportunity to perform would be the part of Leontes (The Winters Tale). Does this hold true? If not what other role do you now consider in your field?

Yes as "The Winters Tale," is considered Shakespeare's toughest most complicated verse and the part of Leontes is great due to it not being easy to learn . The first three acts just belong to King Leontes as he is overtaken by jealousy and becomes increasingly irrational.

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2. Are there any other Shakespearean roles you would love to play in the future?

I would like to play the part of "Macbeth" as he is not the classic tyrant. He is an amoral murderer who is so conscience-stricken by his actions, that it leads to his down-fall.

(read synopsis) Shakespears Resource Centre

3. Do you have any regrets over roles you have missed or the path your career has taken?

No Ang. … well I do but I try to rationalise it. The grass is greener for a while.

4. With hindsight of maturity, if you had the opportunity to revisit a previous character you have played which would you choose and why?

George in "Sunday in the Park with George." I wasn't a good enough actor then and would have probably have looked for more humour.

5. If any of your children wanted to follow in your footsteps and act, would you encourage it, and if so, what advice would you give them?

I wouldn't encourage them, but I wouldn't discourage either. It's a bit like religion or politics. I could indoctrinate them but would rather they found it themselves or not.

If on the other hand they asked for help I would give everything I could to help.

6. Can you name a couple of books you have read this year?

"Blood Meridian" and "The Road" both by Cormac McCarthy.

Blood Meridian: Set in the 1850s on the Tex-Mex border, it is about a 14-year-old runaway--known only as "the kid"--who comes of age in a brutal culture.

The Road: An unnamed father and son walk south in search of the good guys, the people that are not killing and eating other humans to stay alive.

7. What book would you take to a desert island and why?

Shakespeare's complete work if I was there for a long time as I would try to learn them off by heart.

8. How do you prepare for a musical role when you have admitted you don't read music?

Read the words over and over before listening to the music. I then try to replicate the process the composer made when he came in to contact with the lyrics for the first time.

In the case of Sondheim who did both. I try to physicalise it. In other words I walk around and try to find behaviour that may be occurring while the character talks.

9. Seeing you have stated Tsunami is a daunting piece and that you are not musically trained. What made you take on such a challenge?

I'd never done it before and wanted to teach myself the music. I like Dominics work as he is a theatre man. I think the classical purests need to hear the words.


10. If you can admit to any faults, which is your worst and which would you change if you could?

Oh I can admit them alright just too many to list. Ask my wife and kids: Too late to change though. I have to do my best to live with myself.

11. Are you a back seat driver, like a number of Leo's we know? May be we should get Carol to answer this;)

Yes. But then she is too. We like to take turns to be in control.

12. Is there any type of food or drink you just dislike?

Tripe, offal of all kinds. Hate the taste of alcohol, but drink to feel tipsy.

13. Is there a dessert or pudding you just love and can't resist ?

Don't relish desserts at all.

14. We understand you paint. What medium do you use, and what style would you describe your paintings? What are your favourite subjects? Would you consider ever exhibiting your work if given the opportunity?

I love painting landscapes using watercolours. No I would never ever consider exhibiting.

15. If you where only allowed to keep one hobby, which one would you choose and why?

Fishing - not catching fish, but being out there in the wild. Not the English sit-on-your-bum fishing, but dangerous rock fishing.

16. Do you have a favourite item of clothing or other object you have to keep rescuing or hiding from you wife because she keeps trying to throw it away with the rubbish or give away to charity and what is it?

She doesn't throw anthing away. I go through socks by the hundreds, probably from bike riding, but socks are crap now. They're all the same size! How can you have sizes 9 to 14?

17. What is the one place in the world you love to explore by bike?

I would love to do a trip across Russia as it has such a variety of landscapes and cultures within it.

18. If there is one thing you could change in the world what would it be and why?

Yes, The world - Only have politicians who weren't interested in ever being re-elected. No professional pollies.

19. Is the glass half full or half empty?


If what's in it is nice it's half empty. If what's in it is bitter then it's half full.

20. Career wise what path would you like you life to have followed and reached by the time your sixty?

Be retired and have my own orchard and veggie garden.

Once again from all of us, a resounding 'Thank you!' to Phil for taking part.



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